Mawarid Foodstuff Industry is the largest specialized olive oil bottling plant in UAE. The factory has a storage capacity of about 500 tons dedicated entirely for olive oil production. In addition, the unit runs a state-of-the-art storing, filtering, and bottling facility with a special focus on automation and hygiene assuring quality products.

As an olive oil bottling company, we pay most of our attention to the following components: choosing the most suitable bottle, appropriate labeling, physical conditions, capabilities of bottling equipment, final touch and packing.

The oils that are bottled in the facility includes extra virgin olive oil, virgin olive oil, pomace olive oil, and oil blends. Mawarid Foodstuff provides its customers with the freedom to choose from these grades of olive oil, the freedom to choose the origin of the olive oil, and the freedom to choose from a range of packaging available that suits each market. The factory procures the best qualities of extra virgin and virgin olive oil from multiple origins through partnerships and exclusivity agreements with olive farmers. The company is also specialized in refined olive oil especially olive pomace oil with the ability and flexibility of selecting from different taste profiles to suit the customers need. The factory operated and advanced bottling setup with the capability of filling from 20ml up to 24 tons.

Within our strategy, Mawarid Foodstuff acknowledges a path of constant improvement, which diversifies among the fields of food safety, the management of the quality and the care of the environment, as our basic priorities. This translates in a constant progress of integral management of quality, based on constantly evolving food safety systems, environmental management and the commitment of providing our clients maximum satisfaction, both in products and in service.


Industrial Area 8, Al Nahda Street Sharjah-UAE

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