Theyre awesome! Form&Thread Many or all of the products featured here are from our partners who compensate us. In general, we'd classify our socks as mid-weight. Use of these names, logos, and brands does not imply endorsement. Bombas were first produced in 1963 by Carlos Santos in his garage in San Juan, Puerto Rico. If youve never pulled on a pair of merino wool socks before, they deliver a fantastically soft feel that not only contours to your feet, but also enhances the comfort of your foot. We have a drug, alcohol and mental illness problem. Bombas makes good socks. A great sock, regardless of petty comments. As added benefits, Feel360 socks wick sweat 20% faster than leading competitors, as it eliminates 99% of odor-causing bacteria. Darn Tough socks would be a strong option for wool hiking socks. In fact, in some places they're required by law when using public roads. I agree totally. Merino wool blends are moisture-wicking and soft, which will help you avoid blisters on the trails. Exclusions Apply. Founded on a mission to give back, every pair of Bombas socks purchased results in a pair being donated to those in need, so you can look good and feel good about your new socks. Their strategy followed the Peloton guyorginally Peloton sold for well under $1000. Wow people! Once you get to know about the comfort, durability, and benefits that Bombas socks offer, it wont take long before you become a believer. The Bombas signature feature is a honeycomb arch support system, a common feature across all of their sock line-up. So we ended up with 7 pairs of socks. The anatomical design, breathable sock fabric, and impressive durability are all reasons that Feetures are worth it. They sound great but why do they have to be 40-85.00 dollars!! No, there are very few homeless people in he US that dont want to be homeless. I was happy to read about this since I know the pain of seams digging into my toes. Stance socks are popular because of their bold styling. Who doesnt love a comfy pair of socks? You can expect the same level of comfort and support in this style though. 6 pair for $6. This makes these socks a great choice if youd prefer to have a little more in the way of natural fibers and a little less in the way of synthetics. For every item of Bombas clothing that is purchased, the company donates an item to someone in need. One need only ask. As far as socks go, these appeared to be great quality. My Bombas socks arrived in a simple mailer package. Our picks include a snug-yet-soft merino/bamboo blend from Sockwell; a rugged budget option, Go2Socks; a stretchy cotton-nylon blend from Comrad that boasts . Join DICKS Text Alerts to Receive Special Offers! Then you have to wait for some Happiness type person to respond and decide if the return will be permitted? Helpful Amazon review: Great sock. Where to Buy Bombas Socks? It's worth noting that these do have a toe seam (i.e. The brand uses super soft long staple yarns, and since theyre made from wool and cotton, they deliver big time on moisture wicking and comfort. id like to support bombas because theyre more sustainable and have a give back program, but i do like the darn toughs i have now, so id like to know if my . Why Bombas Socks Are Worth it First of all, what are Bombas? I like bombas socks. Had a rare 25% off, thought why notlets see if they live up to the hype? Carole, you hit the nail on the head. Constructed with lightweight jersey, pima cotton, and spandex, most versions come with a cushioned footbed, arch support, and ventilation. Give a pair. Follow Reviewed on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for the latest deals, product reviews, and more. Also, the thicker your sock, the heavier it will feel. Email. Ive seen the combination of the last 2 make a huge difference and get people out of the vicious cycle of homelessness, one person at a time. Thanks for your tips. Overall, Bombas gets major points for design, material, and color options. You may also consider Kane socks if you like extra cushioning. the company of course has more then money to donate and write off as a charitable donation ! Us teachers cant afford them!!! Nobody says the needy arent grateful. NO OF COURSE NOT!!!!! I really dont understand all the hate. Exact same design, doubled the price, and now have trouble keeping up with demand. As a fun side note, Bombas has a licensing agreement for Sesame Street products. When Microsoft donated millions of dollars of software, yes it would have cost their recipients that much to purchase them, but it cost Microsoft barely anything, especially software, and it also gave them an even bigger customer base. First, you have to send in a request to return your socks. Theyre essentials, after all, but from what Ive seen, a total upgrade from your typical dollar store 3-packs. The Cotton provides breathability, the nylon provides durability, and the spandex provides stretch. Everyone, including the homeless, would be much better served if we spent $12 on 2 packages of Hanes or perry Ellis, or some other known brand, and donated one of those packages. You heard slow Joe, Hes coming to get ya! However, the folks at Bombas know that Merino wool is a prime choice for socks. DivvyUpSocks Leave a review 8 alternatives Learn more Buy a pair. So, if you're looking for socks that are like Bombas but cheaper, this roundup is for you. And let me just say that Sesame Street calf socks are much cooler than they sound. The socks themselves feel thick and stretchy, except for the No Show socks which are a thinner, lightweight material. Still, they punch above their weight. Volunteer travel companies charging people an arm and a leg for the most basic lodging, only to benefit them, not the locals. Cant wrap my head around it. It is known for its warmth and comfort. Yes, you can say, Theyre doing SOMETHING. So which should you choose? I didnt research where the socks were made at the time I just did I was drawn in by the free sock donation. The guide is simple, and not only does the chart show your size for socks, but it also provides a detailed account of their shirt measurements. I have bought them for a Christmas gift and they are pricey. Yup. We could all donate millions if we overcharged for a cheap pair of socks made with cheap labor. I have worked with the homeless and yes, they do need socks. They also feature woven-in arch support, an extra-padded footbed, and that covetable seamless toe that Bombas has mastered. Choose from a few different color combinations in no-show, ankle, or crew styles. Theyd be out of business, not even charitable write offs etc would make that viableTheir new underwear ads are repulsive And also very suggestive, Im not a prude by any means, just the opposite, but when you show morbidly obese women that need weight loss surgery and make it seem like youre being inclusive, youre just making money off of someones personal negative image, thats why youre showing those pictures, other attractive underwear models are showing allot of groin area skin and fabric separation in the groin as well as other suggestive pictures when you can see right through the material. If youre looking for a warm, breathable sock, theres really nothing better than merino wool. Say hello to bankruptcy. Im ashamed to even write this comment, about your selling point on how good your socks are by using homelessness people who like my self never heard or seen Bombas socks any wear in shelters dont get me wrong a pair socks in New England is welcome Im not homeless any more thank God but I can always use a pair of socks anytime. Hilarious to picture this dude sitting triggered at the computer, typing his rotten little heart out under a sock review. Feetures offers socks in various heights, and a range of cushion levels. Bombas Socks women. Of course, its nicer for a company to make such a gesture than not at all, and raise awareness, but unless you happen to really love their socks, it shouldnt be the reason to buy them. Read on to discover more about the brand and what they offer. However they are wear out very, very fast. Accelerate your Rewards and earn 2 points for every $1 on qualified purchases with a ScoreRewards credit card. And to be quite honest, I wear my Feetures athletic socks all day every day except to the office, and now they sell professional socks too, so there isnt much reason for me to wear any other socks. I worked for a non profit agency and recieved a donation of ONE THOUSAND PAIRS of Bomba socks which were distributed to VERY grateful and needy people. Ceteris paribus, your logic holds, no doubt. Think about it. Bombas socks are comfortable and durable, which makes Bombas socks worth the investment. The Merino 10 collection is proudly made with American craftsmanship. Mostly, the seven different features built-in to each pair. In terms of features, these socks are also quite similar to their pricier counterpoint; they have a cushioned sole, plus a design that provides some arch support. Slip into a new level of comfort and sock innovation with Bombas socks from DICK'S Sporting Goods. if I ever need to buy more socks I will be re-ordering these!. All got a hole or holes in toe or heel within months of purchase. I wanted compression sox. The positive mission is an added bonus to the quality and comfort. Of the products we try first-hand, some products we receive for free in exchange for an honest review, and other products we pay for. You actually think that benefits the average citizen in some way? There are lots of travel companies who tell you they donate money to a local charity, instead of lowering the price of the tour and letting you make the donation. I love them but way too expensive. Eucalyptus trees require substantially less water and chemicals to source than cotton, and the combined Trino blend is considered extremely breathable. . Once you send your socks back you wait weeks for a refund. Even when you're not wearing boots, your higher stature might assist keep you warm. - Grow , Bombas Socks Alternatives - 2022 | Product Hunt, Bombas Socks Review: Are Bombas Socks Worth It? For every item of Bombas clothing that is purchased, the company donates an item to someone in need. Many only have sneakers to wear even in the winter. Feetures running socks boast the perfect level of compression, breathability, and moisture wicking. They are the perfect running socks, but I wear my Feetures ankle socks nearly all of the time. Some Tuesdays another group would randomly show up with dinner. Im not sure what an appropriate remark is to such a narrow, cynical observation! Still, Bombas socks are comfortable for casual wear and come in many colors. Incidentally all it takes is one simple application for donation from a legitimate non profit agency for Bombas to help. I ordered two $50.00 gift certificates. Where they differ is material: Tipi Toe socks are a 95% polyester and 5% spandex blend, which is still moisture-wicking, but lack Bombas' signature long-staple cotton. The Allbirds Trino socks are the responsibly sourced, functionally exceptional, and aesthetically beautiful socks you have been looking for. He went on TV and said thishe was astonished. Bombas have more cushioning on the footbed, yet our unique design keeps them from being excessively thick and keeps them incredibly comfortable in shoes. Aside from targeted compression, Feetures offers several other, well, features that help them stand above the rest. This company could truly make a difference with the homeless population if they opened factories in the USA to supply jobs. slingshot ride locations in florida,